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Horshader Support & Connect MinibusWhat is the Support and Connect Project?

The aim of the Rural Support and Connect project is to enable the community to enjoy a better quality of life through the community minibus facility and the handy person service. This project will run until March 2019 and will be evaluated throughout. We are seeking volunteer drivers to support this project.


What Services are available?

The Support and Connect Project gives member access to the Minibus and Handyman/Grass Cutting Services


Click here for information on the Minibus service


Click here for information on the Handyman/Grass Cutting Service


Who can access the services?

Anyone who is a member can access the service, however priority will be given to the most vulnerable members of the community.


Horshader Support & Connect MinibusHow can I become a member?

Complete and return the membership registration form with a fee of £5.00 per household. Click here to view the Support and Connect Membership Form


How can I access these services?

Please contact the office and let them know the service you require and they will schedule the job. This service will be available on a first come first served basis.


Tel No. 01851 701225



What are the costs?

Minibus Service

Click here to view the pricing for the dial-a-bus and Minibus hire

Handyman Services

Those of pensionable age or with a recognised medical condition will be charged £5 per hour, otherwise the services will be charged at a rate of £10 per hour.


How do I pay?

Payment can be made cash or cheque at the office or post or by BACS. Invoices can be issued subject to prior approval.


Support and Connect Project Booklet

Click Here to View the Support and Connect Project Booklet >>